Warranty and Compliance

For all products sold and delivered by TROPEUM SRL, you benefit from warranty certificates according to the legislation in force.

1. Products with a guarantee certificate issued by Tropeum during the warranty period

Send us the purchased product with us  of the invoice (copy or original) and the guarantee certificate (in original), at our headquarters at the following address:
Recipient :  Tropeum SRL
Address :  Str. Sunrise number 60,  Buftea, Jud  Ilfov, Postal Code 070000

After  Our specialists will repair the product, we will send it to you free of charge, to the address where you sent it, within a maximum of 15 working days. Where our team  of technicians finds  that  the product can no longer be repaired, we promise to  we replace it with a new product. If  the product is no longer manufactured or is no longer available in stock, we will refund its value.

2. Products with a warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer during the warranty period

This certificate is received from the manufacturer and is inside the box in which the product purchased from our store was packaged.

If the purchased product is defective  during the warranty period, the repair is provided  by the manufacturer’s authorized service network at the centers specified in the certificate. Send the product to the authorized center together  with invoice (copy or original) and warranty certificate (original). He will take full responsibility for resolving the warranty.

3. Products sold in the Tropeum online store, which are accompanied by the Tropeum certificate and are no longer under warranty (post-warranty)

If you have purchased a product from our online store, and the warranty period for this product has expired, please  address the Tropeum team. The cost of repairing the product will be borne by you.