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The information that we will put at your disposal below is regarding the cookies policy, the details regarding their use, placement and administration within the site

What are cookies
Cookies are very small data files that are stored in the user’s browser in order to retain information about his actions performed within a certain website.

Cookies are a standard practice used by most sites that benefit from a high number of visitors. The role of cookies is to facilitate access to the information presented on our site, but also to ensure the user a positive experience at each visit.

How cookies work
Cookies are installed by request from a web server to a browser. Cookies are not active files, they do not contain software or software applications, viruses, spyware and there is no possibility to access the information on the user’s hard drive in any way.

Cookies placed by third parties
Certain parts of our site may be made available to you through third parties (eg videos, advertisements, etc.). These third parties have the right to install their own cookies which are called “third party cookies” and which are adapted to the content rules practiced by the site, regarding this type of files. The purpose for which third parties set their own cookies is to track the evolution of an application or to personalize an active application within the site. Due to our usage, this site cannot access these cookies, just as third parties cannot access the cookies held by this site.

What cookies does this site use

Site performance cookies
Visitor analysis cookies
Geotargetting cookies
Registration cookies
Advertising cookies
Advertising provider cookies

What kind of information is accessed and stored through cookies
Cookies store information in a small file that allows a website to recognize a browser. The web server will recognize cookies until they expire or are deleted.

Cookies store important information that has the role of increasing the quality of the user experience when browsing the Internet (eg setting the language in which you want to use the site, keeping the user logged in, etc.)

The importance of cookies for the internet
Cookies are one of the most important things that ensure the correct and efficient functioning of the internet. Through cookies, each internet user has a pleasant experience in the internet browsing action, this being adapted and personalized according to the preferences and interests of each user.
Disabling cookies may make certain sites impossible to use.

How to disable cookies
Disabling cookies can prevent the correct and efficient use of the sites. There is a possibility to make a setting in the browser that prevents the acceptance of cookies, but this has consequences in the way of interaction with the site (eg inability to place comments inside the site). The setting for disabling cookies is usually found in the “Options” or “Preferences” menus in the browser used.