Customer testimonials

“The people on the Tropeum team are doing a great job. I mean, they know what they have to do. That’s clear. But in addition, what has been really surprising in each the most important things in this area of marketing / branding for TEDx Floreasca) was their openness, the human conversation we had with them and their desire to do things right for us. to take that “extra step” so as to surprise us and our participants and create a “WOW” effect. And that’s why I’m part of our team, the community of beautiful people. “

“Thank you for your services, everything went very well. The materials provided outlined the event and were very helpful. We hope to hear from you in future collaborations.”

“The Tropeum team handles every order with professionalism, flexibility and exigency. The products are finished with attention to detail, and the modern equipment we use contributes to the honor and maintenance of the promised quality standards. efficiency and adaptability, and we highly recommend partnering with this company. “

“We are pleased to confirm the excellent collaboration we have with Tropevm SRL. Over time, Tropeum specialists have helped us to identify promotional products suitable for our projects, importing or producing them on time and being delivered in the most The fact that they have modern equipment that covers 90 percent of the branding requirements and requirements has made it easier for us to select Tropeum as the supplier of many of Orange Romania’s projects. in the delivery of projects on time and at a high and constant quality standard, makes this company remain among the top suppliers of Orange Romania. “

“The communication and quality of execution of Tropeum projects, whether we are talking about simple print projects, production and customization of promotional products, special projects or large, recommend them as a reliable supplier you can rely on.”

“The collaboration with Tropeum is excellent because they are professional, serious, very attentive to details, well organized and dedicated to solving our needs, extremely useful in package delivery services in locations in the country. The offers sent include recommendations of very good quality It always delivers on time, with intermediate communication between the time of placing the order and delivery to the central location or other locations in the country.Working with them everything is much simpler and that’s why I warmly recommend Tropeum to all professionals from Trade Marketing, Marketing and Acquisitions, interested in purchasing similar products or services. “

“At Tropevm we found on the one hand a professional team, eager to help us, and on the other hand a modern and very varied technical equipment, with the ability to provide the printing of any promotional product. These 2 strengths were the basis “We recommend Tropeum as a reliable partner in the field of promotions or advertising production, a partner that offers the highest quality services and that lives up to its commitments.”

“We recommend Tropeum as a reliable partner, which has helped us to increase the quality of promotional products and personalization, but also to reduce delivery time. They have always found solutions to the problems we face, being kind, punctual, proactive, in a word, professionals. “