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We’ve been your partner from the start. We supply all the promotional products you need at a consistently high quality standard, and the personalisation of all the gifts you receive is done in our workshops equipped with the latest technology.
This way we help you to have better quality control, reduce delivery times, and reduce

Why over 1291 customers
have they chosen Tropeum in the last 5 years?

Short delivery time

At Tropeum, delivery times are strictly adhered to and in addition, we keep you informed of the progress we are making in fulfilling your order.

Superior quality

We have clear working procedures, which we follow. Since 2006 we have been implementing and maintaining the ISO 9001 quality standard

Dedicate yourself to your needs

We supply you with all the products you need, and customisation is done in our state-of-the-art workshops.

with impact on results

Are you organising a corporate event and want to make sure it’s a memorable one? Or are you simply looking for promotional materials that will help you to better highlight your brand and company image? Send us your request and we can help you identify suitable products for your project.

Corporate gifts
beautifully printed and delivered quickly

Are you organising a corporate event and don’t know which gifts to choose so as to increase the favourability of your target audience? …Or do you simply want to strengthen your employer brand?

Choose from over 40,000 promotional products we carry, personalize them with your message and give them a memorable gift.

Stages of collaboration:


Send us the request for quotation


We always answer you in maximum 24 hours


We conclude the contract and send us the order


We produce a sample or a virtual simulation which we send for approval


We receive your approval, and then we start production


We ship your beautifully printed products in the required quantity and on time

    We guarantee quality!

    Ask us for samples!

    Are you planning new projects for which you are looking for a serious supplier to help you with the production of the necessary promotional materials? If you already know what you want, fill in the form below and ask us for the samples you are interested in to validate with your team.