Remarkable Embroideries

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Do you want to create remarkable embroidery on premium textile items?

We can help you create sophisticated embroideries of up to 15 colors, flat or 3D, or embroidered labels (patch) for:

  • caps
  • high-weight T-shirts, polo shirts
  • shirts
  • gowns
  • softshell jackets
  • fleece or down jackets

Why choose embroidery?

It is beautiful and durable, which means quality branding for a longer period of time.

  • It withstands temperature variations and repeated washing very well, which is why it has started to be used even for work equipment
  • An embroidered product is remarkable and can have a higher perceived value
  • We can embroider up to 15 colors and, in addition to the spectacular 3D effect, you can also use metallic, reflective, phosphorescent, or neon sewing threads

To prepare the virtual embroidery simulation or for more details about embroidery, we recommend you contact our customer consultation department:
+40 213 210 095
+40 746 049 112