Offset and digital printing

We can make polychrome prints in special graphic conditions , such as: flyers, business cards, posters, posters, brochures, magazines, books, catalogs, folders, paper bags with various formats: A0 +, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 , as well as intermediate formats on request. Ex. 1.5m x 10m, 17cm x 24cm, 18cm x 23cm, 11cm x 22cm and others; Minimum circulation 1 pc.

Covers can be made of matte or glossy double-coated cardboard or corrugated cardboard. They can be covered in natural or synthetic leather or with printed and plasticized paper. Covers 1 (front) and 4 (back) can be printed in either one color or polychrome;

The inner paper can be offset of 60-70-80g / sqm or glossy or matte double-coated of 80-90-115g / sqm;

Indoor printing can be done in 1-4 colors on both sides.

Finishing of the works can be done by stapling for brochures up to 20-25 pages, bookbinding (gluing), spiraling, sewing and gluing to the back for those with a larger number of pages.

In order to ennoble the works and to highlight the printed message, we can print with UV selective varnish certain words, logos or areas from the print, we can matt or glossy plasticize the printed material or we can emboss or folio.