How we work with our customers

Why is it worth collaborating with Tropeum?

Because we help our clients to identify promotional products suitable for the projects they organize, corporate gifts or promotional products, and in this way they will be able to differentiate, to better highlight the brand, the company’s image.
For us, promotional products and advertising production mean beautiful and creative ideas, valuable for the customer.

Why can you trust the Tropeum?
Because Tropeum has been on the Romanian market for over 25 years , and in all this period, although we went through periods of economic boom, but also through many periods with economic, political crises or extreme natural phenomena, not only did we survive, but we -I also developed. And our development throughout this period has been based on the long-term partnerships we have established with both our customers and our suppliers.

What is the secret of such varied and fast services?
We carry out the vast majority of work in our own workshops, which are equipped with modern equipment in the fields of UV polychrome or solvent digital printing, elegant diamond or laser engraving, screen printing, pad printing, embossing, printing, etc.

How do we guarantee the quality of our products and services?
Tropeum has implemented and maintains the ISO 9001 quality standard – and this means that we have clear procedures for receiving and customizing objects, for checking and sampling AQL of batches, so that the products will be beautifully printed, according to your specifications, in the ordered quantity and delivered to time.

How do we work with our clients who use print / customization services?

  1. Send us the request for quotation;
  2. We always answer you within 24 hours;
  3. We conclude the contract and send us the order;
  4. We produce a sample or virtual simulation that we send for approval
  5. We get your approval, and then we start production;
  6. We send you the beautifully printed products, in the required quantity and on time
  • Graphic simulations
    Before the actual execution of the branding of some promotions or a mesh or banner for example, we always prepare and send for approval to the client a virtual simulation, based on the transmitted graphics;
  • Graphics
    In order to be able to honor the orders in the best conditions, we work with licensed software. To make perfect prints you need to receive the layouts in Corel Draw 13 or Adobe Illustrator. For customers who do not have a model at these standards, we offer these services.
  • colors
    If the color of your logo is not black, white or silver, you must send us the Pantone – Solid Coated code. If the material we are printing is colored, then it should be taken into account that under the logo, a white background should be printed, in which case you should also consider the cost of this color.
    • Made with diamond or milling cutter, it is one of the most elegant techniques for personalizing objects, it was initially used only by master jewelers or watchmakers to ennoble and give personality to the ornaments they made.
      We, Tropeum, have ultra-high-performance technology and can make prints of extraordinary elegance and accuracy, which help us to better enhance the brand and the image of the customer. We can print on stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, glass, electrostatically painted metal, steel, etc.
      We can also make molds from magnesium, aluminum, copper, brass, zamac.
    • Laser engraving
      It is one of the modern customization technologies that allows us to make beautiful and durable prints on wood, cork, leather, canvas, ABS, plexiglass, glass, etc. Maximum size: 460 x 305 mm
    State-of-the-art technology that allows us to accurately print complex photos or polychromes even in small runs of 1-5 pcs at a reasonable price. The maximum size of the printable object is the size of an A3 (290mm x 420mm) size with a maximum object height of 150mm.
    Additionally we can print with:
    • white, which means that we can also print very well on dark objects, which are extremely difficult to print using classic methods.
    • selective varnish on promotional products, to highlight the logo or slogan.
    The well-known, economical and super-resistant variant of printing on flat surfaces, on textiles, or on plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, etc.
    • Direct screen printing
      The ink is applied directly to the product through a sieve using a squeegee. We have an automatic screen printing equipment, which allows us to print up to 8 colors. We can print very nicely and quickly like this: t-shirts, umbrellas, pens, lighters, watches, sticker, caps, etc.
    • Transfer screen printing (indirect):
      The logo is printed on the transfer paper, after which it is applied to the product using a thermal press, this process is mainly used for printing caps, bags, backpacks, handbags, etc.).
    Technology by which one or more colors can be printed on flat or curved surfaces.
    Maximum dimensions of the logo printed by pad printing, approximately: 60mm x 60 mm.
    Pad printing is used to customize smaller logos on plastic objects (pens, lighters, office stands, etc.), metal, wood, natural and artificial leather, glass, ceramics, etc.
    Embossing or deep printing technology that allows the decoration of articles made of leather, paper, cardboard, PVC, etc.
    Maximum format 120mmx120mm.
    Recent technology that allows us to print in polychrome textile objects, those of ceramics, glass, stainless steel, painted metal, etc.
    Maximum format A3.
  • EEL
    Digital printing – the technology we have that allows us to quickly make typographic works to the highest standard in the field, including variable data printing. We can print a very wide range of products: flyers, brochures, business cards, but also documents with variable data: letters addressed, payment notices, payment orders, etc.
    Maximum print format: 485mm x 330mm. With the help of three partners with high technology and high production capacity we can ensure the production of printed materials in large editions such as: flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books and
    With this technology we can customize your company logo on shirts, T-shirts, jackets, hats, backpacks, bags, and the list goes on.

We remain open to any suggestions for improving our portfolio of services or products. We are waiting for the recommendations by e-mail at: